Adam Anz, M.D. Serves as Covering Physician for Team USA at 2016 Lake Louise Alpine Ski World Cup

Service to Athletes Fuels the Sports Medicine Spirit for Dr. Adam Anz

GULF BREEZE, Fla. – Andrews Institute for Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine orthopaedic surgeon Adam Anz, M.D. recently traveled to Alberta, Canada, to serve as the covering physician for Team USA at the 2016 Lake Louise Alpine Ski World Cup. This annual premier alpine ski racing event in Canada showcases the top racers in the world and kicks off the 2016-17 World Cup season.

Dr. Anz, who also leads the Andrews Research and Education Foundation’s Regenerative Medicine Center, became involved with Team USA during his fellowship at Steadman Clinic in Vail, Colorado, in 2011.

“During my fellowship I covered several training events, one in New Zealand, one in Chile and then some in the (United States),” said Dr. Anz. “That experience allowed me to enter into the physician pool. There's a group of 10-20 physicians in the physician pool. They match us up with one event per year but the same physicians take care of the athletes year in and year out. In the past three years, I have covered three events, one in Germany and two in Canada.”

As Team USA’s physician at this premier event, Dr. Anz works directly with the top alpine ski racers the United States has to offer. Dr. Anz can also be found in the fall on Fridays as the team physician for Escambia High School caring for football players and on Saturdays as part of the team that cares for Auburn University football.

The experience Dr. Anz accumulates while treating athletes in the field directly impacts the patients he sees in clinic.

“Taking care of athletes at all levels helps me communicate better with the patients I see on a day-to-day basis,” Dr. Anz said. “Seeing what the athletes I cover can do to overcome injuries inspires me and makes me realize that while we strive to be perfectionists, life isn't perfect. Our bodies aren’t going to be perfect but we can still be outstanding athletes and we can still compete.”

Dr. Anz’s experience treating athletes at all levels gives perspective to the true nature and drive of human competition.

“My experience treating athletes taught me that you can always compete no matter what your body has been through,” Dr. Anz said. “Athletes still do compete despite what injuries they've obtained. Experiencing this has helped me take care of my patients more effectively and it ignites the sports medicine spirit inside me. The real reason we cover athletes more than we're required is that underlying spirit and flame that sports medicine fuels in us all.”

The desire to serve athletes is a special quality required for a physician to be successful in the sports medicine world. Dr. Anz has this unique passion.

“The sports medicine spirit is important at all levels,” said Dr. Anz. “To ultimately be the best sports physician it has to be more than a job. It has to be a hobby and passion too. I learned that from (James Andrews, M.D.), and we call it “hobby passion.” This hobby passion is for all athletes, not just for college athletes or professional athletes. If you boil it down, this is why we do what we do. As part of the hobby passion, you must be a servant to the core. And that's what I’ve seen and admired in Dr. Andrews: he's a servant, and he serves everyone.”


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