Dr. Travis Roth Returns Home to Continue Family Legacy at Andrews Institute

GULF BREEZE, Fla. (August 18, 2020) – When Dr. James Andrews began to lay the groundwork in the mid-2000’s that lead to the opening of Andrews Institute in 2007, his goal was to recruit an all-star team of area physicians. One of those physicians was Dr. Charles Roth, who had previously worked at Gulf Coast Orthopedics.

Dr. Charles Roth had an established practice and reputation in the surrounding Pensacola area prior to joining Andrews Institute, and had one “assistant” who worked closely with him during those times. This assistant, his youngest son, Travis Roth, was an eager high school student looking to soak up all he could from his father. Travis would split his time in high school working at Gulf Breeze Bait & Tackle and also in his father’s office, watching and learning how he took care of patients.

“I remember my dad was very humbled to be one of the physicians chosen to work alongside Dr. Andrews at the new facility,” said Dr. Travis Roth. “He always said it was one of the best decisions he made for his career.”

Dr. Travis Roth will continue the legacy and reputation his late father established at Andrews Institute. Dr. Charles Roth passed away on Feb. 5, 2020 from a long, hard-fought battle with pancreatic cancer.

Shortly after Travis was accepted into medical school, his father suggested that if he were to go into orthopedics, he needed to join him at Andrews Institute.

“My dad was fired up about the idea of us working together,” said Dr. Travis Roth. “I always thought that I would become a doctor, but not necessarily an orthopedic surgeon. I kept an open mind about choosing a specialty, but ultimately, orthopedic surgery was my calling. The ability to help patients recover from injuries and get their lives back from painful musculoskeletal conditions is what drives me.”

Travis’ path to becoming a doctor was unusual, to say the least. He graduated magna cum laude from the University of South Alabama, studying foreign language and literature (Spanish), as well as chemistry. He then studied pharmacology at Tulane University, earning a Master of Science degree. Later, he earned his medical degree from the University of South Alabama, graduating at the top of his class.

“I was certain that I was eventually going to go to (medical) school, so I wanted to do something different; I wanted some way to stand out,” said Dr. Travis Roth. “I liked chemistry. I liked science, but everybody had that major. Part of my undergraduate studies even took place in Veracruz, Mexico in order to get the full cultural experience.”

While Travis was inspired by his parents’ careers in the medical field, he was acutely aware of the impact his father made on the sidelines of Pine Forest High School and Gulf Breeze High School as their team physician.

“My dad would take me to high school football games and have me on the sidelines at a young age,” said Dr. Travis Roth. “He was a team physician in a time when team physicians weren’t so common.”

The ability to give back to the community and take care of youth athletes was another draw to orthopedics and sports medicine for Travis.

“I enjoy surgery and spending time in the clinic, but it is incredibly gratifying when you are out on the field or out in the community taking care of athletes,” said Dr. Travis Roth. “Orthopedics, particularly sports medicine, is a field that allows for the ability to do that.”

Dr. Travis Roth’s connection to Andrews Institute and Dr. Andrews goes beyond his father’s legacy. Travis, when in medical school, had his own ACL reconstructed by Dr. Andrews. He also worked with Dr. Andrews on the sidelines of Auburn University football games during his fellowship in orthopedic sports medicine at the world-renowned American Sports Medicine Institute in Birmingham, Alabama.

“That is really when Dr. Andrews is in his element – on the sidelines,” said Dr. Travis Roth. “I’m fortunate to have had a lot of sideline experience with him.”

As Dr. Travis Roth begins his tenure as an orthopedic surgeon and sports medicine specialist at Andrews Institute, he is motivated to take care of the community that shaped him and looks forward to the opportunity for growth.

“Andrews Institute is such an amazing facility,” said Dr. Travis Roth. “This is a big opportunity for me at a place that has excellent resources, from community outreach to research. It’s very inspiring. Not to mention, it’s amazing to have the mentorship of a legend in Dr. Andrews.”

Dr. Travis Roth treats patients by appointment at Andrews Institute in Gulf Breeze, Florida and at Baptist Medical Park – Nine Mile in Pensacola, Florida. For more information, visit AndrewsInstitute.com or call 850.916.8700.


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