Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Recovering from an illness, injury, physical impairment or disability can be a difficult journey, one that starts with an appropriate diagnosis and requires a multitude of resources, and a specialized treatment plan. The goal of physical medicine and rehabilitation (PM&R) specialists at the Andrews Institute is to enhance and restore functional ability and quality of life for all of our patients. Our comprehensive team specializes in diagnosing and providing non-surgical solutions to treat nerve, muscle and bone conditions that affect a person’s mobility.

Our physiatrists (PM&R specialists) treat patients who suffer from a broad spectrum of injuries, conditions and illnesses from shoulder and knee pain, arthritis and tendonitis to spinal cord injuries and nerve entrapments. Our physiatrists also treat serious disorders of the musculoskeletal system that result in severe physical limitations such as those of wounded military, amputees and patients injured in car accidents.

Physiatrists treat patients with conservative methods such as physical therapy, medication, injections, and bracing. At the Andrews Institute we recognize that every patient is an individual with unique, personal goals and make it a priority to work closely with physical therapists, interventional pain medicine physicians and scientists to tailor a treatment plan specific to each patient. Our physiatrists also communicate with each patient's primary care physician to develop a treatment plan for the whole person, not just the problem area.

We also understand that personal interaction and attention are an important part of the healing process and that patients and their family members are an integral part of the healthcare team. That’s why we work hard to keep our patients informed and explain the rehabilitative process and the expected results every step of the way.

Our staff is dedicated to effective PM&R therapies and is committed to delivering the best possible patient care. Working together, Andrews Institute PM&R specialists help patients return to their highest possible levels of independent functioning.

To find out more about non-surgical solutions to a wide variety of nerve, muscle or bone conditions, or to make an appointment, call 850.916.8700, option 1.